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"Heidi, you have in your horoscope the markings of a true healer. You can make a big difference especially in women's life, helping them in their crisis and transitions" -Gilda Z. Shobhana (Vedic Asrologer and Teacher



"Heidi is a gifted healer who has guided my healing process on many levels. Her intuition runs deeps, from an intuitive touch that allows her to reach and release my muscular tension, to intuitive medicine for addressing my health imbalances through Heidi’s unique knowledge of Western, Mayan, and Ayurvedic herbs, oils, foods, and practices. Heidi is a strong and sensitive healer whose spiritual intuition enables her to tap into subtle energies, using ritual, affirmation, natural cycles, and archetypes to unlock gateways for authentic healing. In the eleven years that I have been a client of Heidi, not only has she been an incredible bodyworker both on and off of the massage table, but she also is an exceptional health advocate who encourages me to engage in self healing practices, teaching me how to participate in this healing work by empowering me to move my own lymph, therefore making the highest use of her professional lymphatic drainage services. Above all, Heidi has helped me to move through some of the most difficult physical and spiritual challenges in my life through creating a safe environment for me to heal from my injuries, bringing life force back into my tissues when I had broken bones, and providing support, thus releasing blockages. I am so grateful to have found such a profound healer, I highly recommend Heidi to anyone seeking deeply therapeutic holistic bodywork." -Mia Rose Maltz


"Thank You so much for the wonderful session. It was professional on the spot and my favorite part was how at home I felt in your office. Your pulse reading was accurate, nerves have cooled down, and my liver feels great! I'll be back" -Jini Reynolds


"Out of all of the different types, styles and people that I have experienced in my life, I would have to say that Hedi is my favorite! Her depth of knowledge of her practice constantly amazes me and provides me with an incredible understanding of what my body's system needs. She is always on point with her work and knows exactly how to follow through with maintaining health through all of life's ups and downs. Highly recommended!" -Sean Smokovich Alchemist/President/Jeweler Light-Records Gems & Jewelery, LLC.



"Heidi Hampe was a vital force in my moving forward in life. In 2008 I worked with Heidi in a series of sessions to prepare myself for a journey to Peru. I consider Heidi an amazing medicine woman, her knowledge comes deep from within and is powerful in helping others to connect to their own transformation. Her series of sessions build upon one another to help the client step into their own strength. I would work with Heidi again in a heart beat. Heidi opened up ritual space and guidance for my soul to prepare for the preparation of the journey into my deeper knowing of myself. During those few months of working with her, amazing synchronicities occurred that helped me to prepare for my readiness in the life transforming experience of Peru and its medicine." - Liz Reuter Forestville California

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